“We are all reflections of the people who came before us.
The good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us.”

“I have been inspired to begin this site by my Mother’s first cousin, Kathleen Rodibaugh Bogner, who published The Stever Story in 1982 – sharing stories of the people and families of our ancestors and cousins. She has my greatest respect and admiration.”

“We all have lessons we live by, some that have been passed down from generation to generation. The lessons and stories inspire us to keep good going, and we hope they do the same for you.”

“We keep the good going in our families moment by moment, day by day, year by year, eventually spanning generations.”

“I hope that I have been able to capture some of these moments, and hope they will help you recall the special times and people in your life, and think about how you keep the good going.”

“The information provided here is based on a combination of information passed down through the family, my own memories, and my own personal reflections. For that reason, it is most certainly subject to error.”

If you find information here that you believe to be in error, please contact me and I will attempt to reconcile the differences and make the appropriate corrections. If you wish to provide supplemental information, reflections or documentations, please feel free to provide that information as well. I will do my best to incorporate the information if it fits with the theme and substance of the site.”